Friday, October 31, 2008

English Corner

Last week, I was discussing with my colleagues how inappropriate for our HR to circulate emails with grammar mistakes.

1. How will it LOOKS like?
Shouldn't it be, "How will it look like?"
Auxilary verb rule -> it will turn plural.

2. A memo was written in Malay, but it ended with "Warmest Regards".
3. Very extremely use of flowery words.

4. And now, I realised that I wrote an email incorrectly stating the time as 12pm.
oopssiee.. because we have been doing it all the time and didn't realise that it's WRONG until I'm being corrected. :P (thanks char boh)


ww said...

u r welcome - haha :)

meiyi said...

hehe. Muax.

Roti Janai said...

Is like that la, my HQ punya HR Department lagi kengchao, 1 simple sentence oso they can expand it to few paragraphs.