Monday, October 13, 2008

Finding the Right Guy

A week ago, my friend and I had a friendly discussion about being picky about guys.

Just one point to ponder on directions, if a guy is not able to LISTEN/FOLLOW the roads that I suggest him to use while he's driving, I should more or less FORGET about this guy.

If I could make such good judgement and yet, he is still being SUCH MCP and egoist, thus, we don't think we are able to live with him for the rest of our lives.

I guess.... oops.. i'm stuck.. perhaps in a SPINSTER house with her.

I felt that this entry has not enough substance that I may need to write more about it.

Very often, we always jump into conclusion without seeking for further understanding or clarification.
From this incident, the right way to react, perhaps, to give this person another try to see if this person is just pure stubborn, or so happened that he felt that he was right at the moment.

Maybe, from this experience, he learnt that it's not wrong to listen advice from girls (or maybe he had bad past experiences)
Anyway, this is just something minor.
It's not as if he has committed a crime.
Even if he had, we should forgive him, for God has first forgave us - and love us too. :)


Anonymous said...

Let's say, we should enjoy our singlehood not being a spinsterhood, while we can. The time will come when God will reveal the guy in ur life. If not, the best is, ask Him to teach you how to enjoy singlehood. BTW, u r not a spinster, u r married to Him. Remember u r a bride ;)

meiyi said...

Aww.. that's the sweetest thing that i hear for today. :)
I truly agree that even if we are married, at some point of our lives, we would be single again.

crazyyakuzaishi said...

hahaha... you ah... but i do agree with what anon said in the first comment.. most times we forget that we are married to Him.. and always sit on the pity pot and lament why we are still single..

hang in there babes.. you're not alone..

meiyi said...

i got to 'restructure' this post to avoid ppl thinking that i'm just another dumb blonde out there. :P
let me 'edit'. :)

Shirokishi said...

You're not blonde :P
And what's an MCP? Mobile Construction Point?

meiyi said...

MCP = male chauvinist pig.
ok. dumb black for my case.