Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Honestly, i didn't finish reading the book, but i some-what know the content of the book.
It was my first time visiting such Investment Talk.
It was held at G-hotel.

The singaporean speaker, Richard Tan was really good.
He made a point that all of us should NOT MIND being rich.
And in order to be rich, we NEED to GRAB the opportunity, and not blame ourselves being unlucky and envy the rich.

AND in order to be rich, we need to SHARE.
We must not keep everything to ourselves.

Also, there is a BIG difference between self-employment and business owner.
SELF Employment -> like a char koay teow seller, you fry your own plate of char kuey teow. If u r out for a vacation for 2 weeks. You are not earning for 2 weeks.

Business owner -> you have a SYSTEM. Even if you are away for 2 weeks for vacation, your business still run as usual. :)

People get rich thru:
1. Inheritance
2. Marriage
3. Gambling
4. Generating money thru investment.

Basically, this preview talk is encouraging all money minded people to sign up for Robert Kiyosaki seminar in KL next year.

I need to make my first move.

* add more pics*
thanks peisun..
Free flow of coffee/tea for us... and because of that I couldn't sleep till 2am!


Josie Lim said...

Hey gal

That book is makes me realised that I should resign my job now.. it s slavery...

mei yi said...

maybe u can stop running on a treadmill girl..

Shirokishi said...

My gf is a big supporter of Mr. Kiyosaki...phew, I managed to pronounce his name without stumbling :P

mei yi said...

so.. has she been to his talks?