Sunday, October 05, 2008

Colored Layer cake from Sarawak

Looked so raya.
Looked like ketupat.
I don't know where I can find this but my sis got it as a gift from a student of hers (from sarawak)
My sis told me that in Midvalley, they are selling at about RM30+.


Josie Lim said...

Wow.. it looks too nice to be eaten..
does it taste as nice as it looks?

Seen those sold in some Ramadhan pasar..

yileen said...

RM30 for a handful of colouring???! You serious? Have you eaten it yet? Are you alive??!

mei yi said...

i ate d..
i sliced them into thin pieces and gently ate them layer by layer.

Pei said...

it really look nice & colourful..i wonder how was the taste?

mei yi said...

tasted like normal layer cake. it's juz the coloring la.

Julie said...

u sure u were not conned? i once made a wrong exit along the highway... and found a bakery. saw layer cake.. the owner told me it's from sarawak.. and the one i saw... not so colorful!!!

meiyi said...

no idea.
my sis' student gave it to her.