Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mayfair Slimming Affair

It was one of those big page advertisement on Free SlimMedic Trial at Mayfair.
This centre which is re-located from Crystal Point to Bays Avenue is having their OPEN Week till 25-Oct.

My colleague, who is the customer of Marie France decided to take the opportunity for a free trial visit and asked me along.

We were there earlier, and I took some bites from this tray which reminds me of English Afternoon Tea.

After a long wait for 30 mins, the consultant checked my body fat%, weight, and height.
She also checked my fat areas and gave me some recommended packages.
1. Full set package - 10 sessions for RM1.3k
2. MDS - Rm250 per session
(50% for the first trial)

She gave me a free trial on LD (electric massage on my bod) for 20 mins, followed by chilli wrap on hot blanket for 30 mins.

Seems like slimming sessions are like facial sessions.

They have spa and facial too.
I asked about facial offers.
Aromadetoxification is Rm160/session but it'd be cheaper if we were to get the package.
RM980 for 10 sessions.
Not bad huh?

May try once I completed my current package.


yin said...

mmm, girls....
high maintenance hor?

meiyi said...


Karen said...
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meiyi said...

I think I mentioned bays avenue

Pei said...

how's the chili wrap?? would like to know much...i heard ppl buying those chili slimming cream before & it's real real HOT!!! wat abt these?

meiyi said...

Quite hot la..
when i go home i can still see that my whole body is RED.