Monday, October 20, 2008

A guinea Pig of the Day

It was an exciting morning.
I didn't know that I was going for a government research for Metabolic Syndrome.

I woke up at 6.10am.
I reached the college at 6.50am.
I was lucky no.6 and started my registration.
I thought it was just a normal 'FREE' glucose test, but by looking at it. It's more than that.

The place was soon flooded by aunties and uncles by 8am. I was lucky I was one of the early birds.

7.50am: They poke the butterfly needle and withdraw blood from me
8am: They made me finished up a cup of glucose drink
8.05am: Interview session from a med student
8.15am: Meetup with a doctor checking if there is any growth on my face, and my waist-to-hip body ratio
9am: My 2nd blood withdrawal
10am: My 3rd blood withdrawal

And I earned RM30.
(with a packet of Nasi Lemak and mineral water)
After a fasting session and a disgusting sugar water drinking session.

Picture: Children waiting for their parents


Pei said...

how do they check on any growth on ur face & how to calculate waist-to-hip ratio..???

meiyi said...

waist to hip ratio
waist/hip < 0.9 or something like tat..

growth as in.. got any visible dots or anything like tat...

Vanity Fling said...

Wat the...u go through all that for RM30..? Why lar..why why why is so difficult in helping out society without the RM30..? Ok lar..dont care, tomorrow morning pls tapao nasi lemak for me as bfast k....tea also Sattt..!!

meiyi said...

well. it's for research.
it's because of ppl like me that the professors are able to diagnose better when we get sick.