Thursday, October 23, 2008

QEII mIssBehave Night - Every Friday

Dinner for TWO would be really romantic at QEII, Penang.
I didn't had this salmon, but the presentation is really well, and the food is fairly good.

The place is filled with romantic candles, and we would be able to enjoy the sea scenery and across the sea, it's Butterworth.

What's best about MissBehave night is we get free flow of drinks from 8.30pm-10.30pm.
OPI giving free manicure and 3D nail art
Free hair-do by Hair Icon. And free show. :P
And, dancing all night long.
When I told others about QEII, many did not know about the MissBehave night, but it was announced in SOHO, Penang Road before.
Anyway, it's a place I would want to visit again!
Admiring my 3D nail art.


Karen said...

Aiyer... the guys wearing underwear only! The guy on the right macam throwing his underwear to audience ar??

*close eyes* (small kid not suppose to see)

wah .. got free hair-do and free nail-do also! Free air-do include cut and design new style?

Can see you veli happy lo.

meiyi said...

alamak.. like tat also can!

vanity fling said...

Hey Meiyi, who's the other girl next to you in black..? Phewittt..!! *drool....

meiyi said...

i knew u have a soft spot for her!

yin said...

walow.......... such presentation!!!
the place is it for girls only???

Julie said...

MY...seems like ur girlfriend(s) are really drooooooling d :p

meiyi said...

lol.... julie.. i saw you drooling that night ok!?

yin: not really for girls. men can go in... but the show is for the girls