Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Cheap Eyewear?

Looking at today's economic situation, we are often advised by the government to be thrifty in our spending. However, there are just certain necessities that we must have such as, eyewear. It’s quite difficult to keep the same pair of glasses for two years (unless we are wearing contact lens). Somewhat, it may get worn out, broken or even our eyes may need a different prescription of lenses.

It's really hard to get cheap eyewear these days.
We, as consumers are often charged at an over-priced pair of glasses from established shops. We do not really know that glasses are not that expensive.
But, seems like we could get our eyewear through online purchase, which is pretty common now. Most importantly, we are buying for a much cheaper and affordable price.

This article from Chicago Tribune, caught me into surprise that name-brand frames companies only license their names to a frame manufacturer. So, why are we paying for expensive eyewear? We might as well settle for our own favorite trendy pair of eyewear.

There is a website, where it offers convenient online shopping. Imagine eyeglasses price start from $8. To place an order, you need to have at least a prescription for corrective eyeglass lens and your pupillary distance. All we need is a credit card or a debit card and we could make online purchase through their user-friendly website.

Isn't that simple and easy?


Julie said...

My father's friend owns an optical chain... and he is super rich. And my mother used to get huge discounts on the price tag. I guess you can guess how much ppl actually earn and why some things are so expensive!!!

meiyi said...

totally agree!

vanity fling said...

Then go and set up your own eyewear shop lar..then give yourself a 110% discount..meaning u can take another 10% of the priced-item and go treat urself Baskin Lobbin lar...