Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Weekend at 1U

It's been almost a year since I last visited 1U, and it's still almost the same stuff, but the fact that the indoor parking is almost full. Thank God that we managed to get a parking space at the basement! *phew*

I was thinking hard what to eat on Sunday (thought of German food at the Curve but had to drive there)... I've tried Chili's, TGIF, Vietnamese, Jack's place, Itallinies and most of the makan places.... but Lyd suggested Delicious cafe. Hmm.. I could try something that I've never makan before.

Ballistic Mushroom

Classic Chocolate Cake - but I think TGIF's mudpie or brownie is much nicer

And my first time trying DQ Julius' Blizzard (Mcflurry's version) and it's served upside down.. so many shopping bags.. paiseh..

Kinda pressured as the shoppers looked so good and pretty.. And i was in my plain 3/4 pants (like aunty)


Oracle loves Linux said...

Don't forget you have a date on Chilli ya ;)

mei yi said...

Hahah. sure sure..
but Penang's chilis not so POWER (according to another friend).
Tapi.. belum cuba belum tau!