Friday, July 13, 2007

Mission Trip

I dreamt of myself going to outskirts with a bunch of my church mates. I supposed it could be mission trip. We were in a foreign place and my room mates decided to choose a different hotel than others.

We took the taxi to the city area. Weird that it was my pal that drove the taxi. Taxi meter was about $2+ when we were at the city centre. It was a left-hand drive road. There were a lot of great buildings, including statue of liberty. We parked outself in an old chinese-style hotel with a chinese name which I dont' remember (something with Jiu). The furniture was old and I tried taking the picture of the whole room. There were 4 beds. There were a lot of other rooms that were connected to one another. On the first night, I didn't sleep well and woke up at 4am+ and the sun was shining brightly at the window. I saw camels at the window and quickly took some shots of it. The scenery was magnificient. Never have I seen such scenery before.

Pastor and the other missionary came to our place; ready to go to the other hotel to meet with another group. We passed by to a high-class restaurant (supposedly to use the lift to the other area). There was nice live jazzy music (singers). We sat down on a long table having nice english tea and desserts.

On the next morning, there was a different scene at the window. The road was busy with vehicles. The camels were missing! It's just so weird. Then, we had devotional to read and were rushing to the meet up with them at the other hotels.

Not too long. The dream died.

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