Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Indulged Totally

It was my very first time trying French cuisine and the experience was superb (just that the crowd was a little boring especially with the bunch of people who does not appreciate fine dining).

As I walked into the place, we were placed in a private room with the long table nicely set up. There was some decos and 2 sofa sets.

I ordered Saumons la moutarde (Salmon with mustard sauce).

Before starting the main course, I went over for the appetizer spread. I skipped the bread and took a little of the pickles, oysters/mussles with squeezed lemon, quiche, and a little taugeh salad with capers, and freshly cut salmon.

They cleared the table and I had a sumptuous main course! The potato was green in color.

After completion, I quickly headed to the Dessert corner (at least I was being proper not to eat the dessert before the main course, unlike some of them). I loved the tiramisu and the layered cake (i dono wat was that called). The rest is history. Muffin was humongous!

It ended with a nice cuppa black coffee *i like the coffee beans.. it's just soooo thick n bitter*

Dining with the right set of cutleries is really NOT an easy task. I didnt' use anything except the fork with everything!

What I didnt' like was I could not practise my french that I've learnt in my french class 7 years ago. How SAD!!! AT least gimme a chance to say bonne appetit!

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