Saturday, July 28, 2007

Matchmaking Service

I encountered a couple of times that friends would like to match me with another friend, or would promote the other guy heavily to me. Can't believe it that I have to go thru this..... and people kept asking me, if there is any nice guy around at church.

I ALSO WISHED... if there are nice guys around.. but most nice guys are usually:
1. married
2. attached
3. gay
4. transvestite
5. playboy (manipulative)
6. different religion
7. financially unstable - no $$ no talk
8. too much commitment (family, career)
10. TOO OLD!!!
etc etc..


And the funniest thing is... I've came across another friend who encountered the same issue as me. She had an aunty friend to match make another person to her. . (which is even worst)..... what the !&@^^#%@#@


dragon said...

haha, maybe u can consider me...

Oracle loves Linux said...

ya, maybe you should consider dragon...

crazyyakuzaishi said...

babes.. i guess that happens when we're this age...

mei yi said...

lol. we are old and saggy..