Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brasil 68

Eversince 68 Kelawei had re-branding to Brasil 68, I have yet to visit that place.
Although there was not much renovation, but the concept of the fine dining was changed to brasilian food.

We were the only customers for set lunch..

We started the main course with mushroom soup - no pictures though cause I thought it was pretty common..

I had dory fish

And they had a few types of sweet/hot/sour sauces..

And my friend ordered the Brazilian Churrascaria and it's worth it.

The Passador came with lotsa meat and you can request for unlimited meat as you like... and just look at his plate!!!!
And he gave me some of the meat (eww.. i'm getting fat)

Got chicken (2 big thighs), lamb (2 pieces cut), beef (3 PIECES!!!) and pineapple with cinnamon (3 pieces!!!)

I was glad that I cleaned my plate well... that the blueberry bread pudding came with the cuppa coffee. Look at it, no sugar/creamer/milk added for me. I like the bitter taste.

And the most expensive drink was the mineral water that costs RM4.50!


dragon said...

u ar... always post those food photo.. make me hungry nia...

mei yi said...

very good bbq food.
u can ask ur BIG EATER friends eat.
only Rm30++

Simply Simply said...

yeah wor, this is one of the reason i like to read your blog, always can see nice food :D

Oracle loves Linux said...

ya, she knows how to enjoy her life and how to love..

mei yi said...

Nice food? I seldom post about food..... i'm sorry.. :(
i think there are a lot of blogs out there with tonnes of food reviews.

crazyyakuzaishi said... more 68 kelawai.. i'm so outdated.. the food looks darn good la..

mei yi said...

yes lor.. brasilian style and it's even more nice if it's dinner time as it'd b semi buffet