Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nigerian Scam - That's what you call it?

I can't believe that I still receive such emails via my yahoo..
I used to be a shopper and walmart shopper (someone with the surname Zeng)... and people used to think that I'm a piano performer all over the world (Well. she's a great piano player from Seremban, same chinese name as me)..

And now.. What the???


From: Mrs.Elizabeth Cusova.
Chisinau,Republic Of Moldova


Please forgive me if this message comes to you as a surpriseI was divinely inspired to pick your name among other namesfound in the Internet database,after series of prayers andGod's direction. I am Mrs.Elizabeth Vladimir Cusova acitizen of Republic Of Moldova.I was a farmer byprofession.But currently undergoing medical treatment. I wasmarried to Dr. Cusova Vladimir who was a successfullbusiness man.We went on vacation to India when he hard anattack and we came back home. My husband later died of theattack and a sickness know as Haemorrhage of the brain dueto shock.We have been married for eleven years without a child.However, before we went on this Vacation, My late husbandhas a lot of business in Europe,America and Africa before hedied,he deposited two trunk boxes in a diplomatic securitycompany,two of the boxes are in America right now,theycontain the sum of (24.5) million dollars in hundred dollarbills. Last week, my Doctor told me that I would not livefor the next six months due to my heart problem whichsparked off as a result of the death of my husband whom Ihave loved so much. Though what disturbs me most is mydisability to move around due to a partial paralysis. Havingknown my condition I decided to donate this fund to a churchor a mosque or better still a Christian or a Moslemindividual that will utilize this money forcharity,orphanages. Also for a charity organization i am incontact with in Africa.I have also decided to give 30% foryour help.I took this decision because I do not have any child thatwill inherit this money and I don't want my husband's hardearned money to be mis-used. I do not want a situation wherethis money will be used in an ungodly manner, hence thereason for taking this bold decision. I am not afraid ofdeath because I know that I am going to die one day.What Ineed from you sir is that you contact the securitycompany,and let them know you are the beneficiary of theconsignment and would like to claim it from them.I will giveyou all informations that you will need to opencorrespondence with them.If you feel you are worthy enoughto make yourself available in this project, let me knowimmediately you read my mail. GOD will surely provide foryou the power and strength to accomplish this.Right now dueto my failing health condition, i am sending this mailthrough my nurse Mr Lawrence Brown,I have been adviced tocease communication with anyone but this fine gentle mandecided to help me.I hope to hear from you soon. Please reach me only at for your urgent response.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs.Elizabeth Vladimir Cusova

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