Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's been a very long time since I've gone for a Movie day.
My friend took the effort to buy the tickets on Monday to get good seats for 7.30pm.
For someone like me who totally have no clues about transformer (besides the fact that I watched the cartoon 20 years ago), the movie is TRULY amazing.

As I drove back from Gurney Plaza, I felt that the cars surrounding me are all transformer.
The impact of the movie was just SOOOO great.

I've noticed from that movie:

1. The autobots are Vehichles on the road. Other than that are decepticons.
2. Bumblebee (all time favourite) is a chevy (camaro).. hahaha.. this is a total american show!
3. Deloitte and Citigroup do pay $$ for advertisement during the fights (last scene). Nokia phones are their favourite. Not forgetting Panasonic SD memory card.
Just wondering.. . was that Wendy's donut (while questioned by FBI) or something?
4. No transformer theme song... ?? How can?
5. Optimus Prime is the BIG boss. :P
6. Steven spielberg's production?
7. They use CISCO IP phones 7940 series (just like the ones in my office)

Questions about the movie:
1. Why didn't they freeze Megatron but let him came to live?
2. Why was this stupid irrirtating Frenzy seemed to be invisible to human? Nobody seemed to notice hiM!!!
3. Why can't Sam place the cube at Megatron's chest earlier? And where would he want to transport the cube to?
4. How did those Autobots and Decepticons traveled to that Hoover Dam?
5. Is Section 7 good or bad?


Oracle loves Linux said...

I not yet watch the movie but plan to go on Monday. Hope that I can make it and no call from production..

Dragon said...

Transformers is just amazing! I will get the DVD when it's out.

I like Bumblebee soooooooooooo much......... So cool!

mei yi said...

but.. but.. Bumble bee a bit HUMsup one!..