Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Reason to Blog

Long time ago, journals used to be so personal that we have diaries which has a lock into it. Right now, people seem to be posting their thoughts all over the WWW, allowing unknown audience to invade their personal lives.

I dont' care much about it, as I don't blog about politics or my darkest secrets.
It's just events that happened in my everyday life. People whom know me would know!

My reasons to blog:
1. Bless others with my thoughts
2. Bless others with my sharing or what I've learnt in church/cell group
3. Update my friends about my life
4. Keep a journal about my life - something which I'm able to read about 10 years later
5. And lastly, when I die, I have my footprints in the WWW

Whoever who reads this, whether it's someone I like or don't, I wish to bless that person out of LOVE (as Ps Rick Warren says, without love, whatever I say/believe/know/give/accomplish matters... very, very powerful message)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the daily bless...