Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just b4 going back to dreamland...

I thought my nightmare series have ended.
I thought I would not be influenced by the list of Gory movies I watched (88 minutes, disturbia, vacancy, 28 weeks later...... )

I was in a huge shopping mall, packed with people.
There was just too many shoppers and passers-by and I realised that some of my friends had turned into another person. They were sort of possessed by spirits/demons. In the dream, I called them robots (just like transformer's decepticons).

In the beginning, I didn't know how we could get infected thus, I started running away from people who walked weirdly. I was with my friend and I led her to hide in a toilet at the cinema area which is right at the top floor. Then, I decided to move to the departmental store. Some of the sales promoter were unaware of the situation and were still working. I told them about it and hid at the fitting room. The robots started attacking people. I closed my eyes and defended badly that they won't disturb me.

We ran out of the building and my friend started driving a big van. I realised that as long as we don't have eye contact with the robots, we will not be part of them. There were slight chaos in the road especially the night was near. We drove around to a safer area.

I sort of landed in another person's house. I told her to lock the house and close all the windows. It was as if we were in 'Emergency Curfew'. These people were demon possessed for 3 days and after that, they were back to their normal self. We were back to normal after that.


Oracle loves Linux said...

dream girl..haha

dragon said...

those movies are also in my list! i've watched disturbia when i'm in US; vancacy watched last week; left 88 minutes and 28 weeks later.

i think u will become mad one day.

mei yi said...

those are really GUY movies...