Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daniel in the Lion's Den

At that point of time, I could associate myself with Daniel in the Lion's Den.
Yes, it was my nightly dreams that I'm having and my series continue.

The scene took place in my house.
We were sort of under attack (like there is a movement or communists or terrorists taking over the nation).
It was dark at night and I was hidden in the first room.
I peeped through the windows and saw those boys attacking every house in the neighbourhood.
They were throwing a dart-like thingy that would sort of kill or causing us to freeze (I think).
I went underneath a coffee table but they spotted me. Quickly I prayed out loud asking God to protect me that I've been a faithful servant of his. They sort of missed me and left the place.

Some of them who were hiding in other rooms were safe. Only the ones in the first room were attacked (inclusive of me).
The man that was attacked was shivering yet couldn't move. How weird.


Oracle loves Linux said...

Today is a bad day for me...

mei yi said...

y bad day?