Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Better Together - Week 3

We got to think of a community project to do. I can't really do handicraft or gardening for vege, thus, I still prefer to do something like visiting the people and brighten up their day. Some homes are rich, where else, there are homes that are really poor and need a lot of support... sometimes there are too many that we can't even identify it.

Ps Rick Warren pointed out a few points and in our discussion group, we are to share our struggles about the points, for me personally... :
1) Love that Protects
- how could we keep a secret? how can we not gossip? how can we even differentiate between being truly concerned or gossiping?

2) Love that celebrates
- Love does not envy.. espeically when our peers are promoted or has increment. Can we be happy for them? Most of us would just be envious and jealous.. sometimes create anger (especially when the other person does not deserve the promotion).

How can we learn to Love? Love is from God.. and I'm not God.
When we try too much to love.... we may get more dissapointments and hurt and end up giving up -> that's the danger
Should we not love more and compromise to love less?

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