Thursday, July 05, 2007

Advanced Transportation

I still remember those times when I hear sound of the LRTs moving when I stayed over at Vistana KL. I felt so much like a city then. I'm so sure that Penang will come out with their train system very soon. Even though the gov had approved the Monorail plan, I'm sure it's going to be today or tomorrow, or at least there will be some news about it on papers.

My house is a corner lot with an alley by the side (lorong kia).
I dreamt that as I open the side rear-door of my house, I could see a bus-like transport moving along with the rails. It was the same feeling when I noticed the transit link buses turned into the housing area while I was doing my routined jogging along the field.

The vehicle was not air-conditioned.
It's something like those trains you see in India (Haha).
Good thing was the vehicle comes by every 10 mins interval.
And, I remembered going to Bkt Merah in my dream! It's just a few corners away!


Anonymous said...

routine jogging? so healthy now..haha..all the best!!

mei yi said...

routined yet it's not DAILy ok.... 2 or 3 times a week only

Anonymous said...

Your house its not a corner lot la. Its called an END-LOT. All housess located beside the lorong-kia are end-lot

Anonymous said...

You are always dreaming, so many dreams one. You are really experiencing dream induced psychosis disorder

mei yi said...

wei anonymous.. identify urself.
yes la. end-lot for fire breaker.