Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Wish List

I have always wanted a mp3 player for many years yet I have not bought anything yet.
I thought of IPOD Shuffle and Sony's range of products and at the same time, seen Samsung's impressive mp3 player.
Now.... the price is just so affordable. Even young school kids have it.

I wanted to buy the Cute Candy Sony Walkman E00 style so much last night but didn't had the time (as I've got transformer to catch!)
I want it by this weekend, but I doubt so.
Probably I'd get one over the weekend. :P


Oracle loves Linux said...

I won't buy MP3 player because I can't wear the earphone for long hours..

mei yi said...

u can blast the whole house or the whole bus.. :P

Dragon said...

I bought one last year. malaysia brand, I think. 1GB. not really use it so often.
Now, I'm waiting for iphone.... I'm not going to change my hp until iphone is here. :)
fyi, i phone can be your mp3 player too!!

mei yi said...

i-phone expensive la though the features are really cool.
maybe i shld get a cheap MP4 player hor!