Thursday, July 05, 2007

Solution Dilemma

I first started wearing contact lens in 1997. It was an awfully painful experience as I tried on the 1 month disposable trial pack (I don't remember the brand). I started off with 4 hours and an increase of 1 hour after a day. If I do not have a chance to wear them on the next day, the cycle deducts an hour back. Cycle is completed after wearing a full 8 hours (I think). I used to remember that I was adviced by the Optometrist to only wear a maximum of 8 hours. Nowadays, i wear up to 12 hours (and sometimes even more!! 16 hours??!).
My first experience was so painful as I felt like a needle or sand stuck in my eyes forever. I remembered walking along BJ complex with my both painful eyes.

I stopped wearing after a month and threw the lens away.

Not long after that, I bought myself a pair of permanent lens. Lens care was troublesome as I use the solution separately with saline. I got to budget myself since then I was still a student. Every month, I was very hardworking to dissolve and clean the lens with the tables. I was using optifree then (i remembered the green solution).

I remembered there was an incident where I thought I have put my lens in the case but the fact that the lens dropped in the kitchen sink! Darn. The lens were exposed without any solution for the whole night. The next day, I even blamed my friend for stealing my contacts! Later, I found out that it was left unattended at the sinK!!! GEe.... I had to salvage that poor little thingy. I quickly rest them in the case the solution. We headed to church and I left it in the shop for MAJOR WASH!

When I begin to work, I started wearing B&L sequence monthly disposables.

I felt it was cleaner then. Eyes get dry very quickly and the lens had a tendency to come out.
Opted for Surevue then Acuvue2.................. :D
Since disposables, I started using AMO Complete and alternatedly B&L renu.
But with the recall products from Complete and Renu, I lost confident.
I didnt' try out the new packaging of Renu which claimed to be even better!

Friends suggested Optifree Express now. I searched on the websites and came across REplenish?

Note: I copied the pics from the and website

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