Saturday, July 28, 2007

Free WiFi at Starbucks

Honest speaking, it was my first time bringing my laptop to Starbucks.
I tried accessing Coffee bean's Airzed with an IPAQ but never Starbucks.
I never thought it was necessary to use it since I've got Streamyx broadband connection at home.

Since my friend wanted to show me her vacation pics, thus, I decided to bring along my "brick" while enjoying our Frappucino (Ehh.. not cheap... Rm15 for a cuppa Venti).

Earlier in the afternoon, I asked some friends if they have any idea connecting to the wireless.
Do we need a timezone account and blah blah blah......... oh well.. for this outlet, it's an unsecured network.... so what I did was refresh network list and VOILA.. I was ONLINE!! Hooray!

Steps getting online in starbucks
1. Turn on your laptop - preferably, choose a spot with power supply
2. Turn on wireless
3. Refresh network list
4. Connect to "Timezone" (it was unsecured network, thus Passkey was not required)
5. Internet Explorer will be launched automatically
6. Start surfing and start launching all your IMs!

Besides drinking and getting online and looking at pics, we took pics and instanteously view it from the laptop (cool huh). There were many groups of people with laptops and I saw a group receiving 'summon' (wedding invitations).

Hm.. I learnt to babysit a baby boy...... Cute or not? I've not learnt how to carry the baby and I was soo soo afraid that he'd cry.. :(

hAHa.. just look at our multi-colored tee shirts! It's just sooo amazing.. :)


dragon said...

there is one time, wc, pm, hc, me go to coffee bean and online together. haha, i still remember. that was the first time i online in the public using wireless.

mei yi said...

wei. when r u guyz having such outing again?
let's do it again!!!
cool huh!?