Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paradise Worship Concert in Penang!

I was at the Paradise concert just now organized by
It was my FIRST time seeing the church being filled with so many people.
I wish that our church's worship services would be like that every week!
As the speaker, Matt Heins said, if we pray and fast about the most illogical things, God can give us that breakthrough. (Somewhat, i kept thinking about the loaf of breakthrough bread whenever he says that word)

What I like most about the speaker is, he relates the message with real life examples. Very often, most speakers are unable to share their own personal experiences to the congregation, especially about their bad pasts (their dark secrets).

I liked the part that God could actually tell something to us through our DREAMS.
I dream so much, in fact, TOO MUCH.
If only God could give me the wisdom to comprehend my dreams.

and.. I'm glad Iwas there, though I was late for the first 10 mins.

Somewhat they kept singing this song (Take it all):


Shirokishi said...

Quite a catchy song :)
Dreams can sometimes be a portal to another world, where messages come through to us. But it's not that easy to interpret what they mean.

Or they could just be a bunch of random items that our subconscious has picked for the sleeptime movie screening :P

crazyyakuzaishi said...

wah...paradise concert at pcc?

mei yi said...

yes.. unbelievable ler?
it's a phenomenal nite for me 2 witness!!