Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sri Ananda Bahwan

There isn't many banana leaf restaurants in Penang Island.
Just a few to name and one of it is here. It is situated right opposite Crown Jewel Hotel.
I wouldn't say that this is the best ever banana leaf restaurant, but I would say, the environment and the price is considerably reasonable. And, it caters mostly to the tourists around Tanjung bungah hotels.

I kinda like this picture very much as there is a mixture of 'natural' lighting (the sun) and 'artificial' lighting (camera flash).
And it's the vegetarian set.Plain Naan Tandoori chicken set.


Pei said...

yum yum..the Tandoori Chicken set looks delicious..

mei yi said...

next time we go together ok?

yileen said...

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH miss eating on banana leaves!!!