Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Best Laksa in Penang

I didn't had any camera with me. :(

The best place for Laksa is Shell Station Laksa in Farlim.
The spicy gravy is super thick with fishes and another piece of fish is served.
I wish to go there again some day..


Vanity Fling said...

Where's this? Got map ka? Google earth best lar if have.

But then i know of one in Jelutong also sipek keat! Location wise....lemme google & see...

mei yi said...

ho liao one..
behind sparks bridal house..
they moved from the shell station to that kopitiam

Dragon said...

where is this shell station in farlim? have no idea la. describe more detail.

mei yi said...

behind bright sparks/kfc..
that row of shophouses.

Julie said...

Ah... they moved from the shell petrol station to the shophouse. Is this the shop with the tong-sui as well? Was there last week for lunch.

mei yi said...

yes.. the right one is the one with the roti bak-kua.
i went to the wrong one.
but they should taste almost the same..
how pathetic hor me. :P