Friday, August 29, 2008

Bangkok Fashion Show @ Dusit Thani

All from Suan Lum Night bazaar..

Princess 350B (a little bit like pregnant though)
Modern B199.
Cute B100


Karen said...

Two words... super cheap. Can never get all these at this price in Penang. I went looking for clothes for functions/dinner not long ago. The cheapest I came across is RM 60 for a short dress. But with my big belly now and much dreaded weight gain, doesn't look nice on me. So, decided wear back those hanging in my cupboard since still can wear those. Saja want to find excuse buy nice clothes. hehe..

Next time you go Thailand again, grab grab grab.. hehe. Maybe can tumpang you buy also..kekeke.

First one is nice.. ok, i take back my words. It looks quite sexy in a kind. I assume the back and the front is the same...bare a bit of chest and back right?

Second one can not really see.. can see it's a black dress... a 'see mun type' of dress. hehe.. but cheap lah.. where to get RM 20 dress? Only the market in town i told you at times can get nice ones for RM 10 or RM 20! She only has one of each dress nia...exclusive..hehe

Third one is t-shirt right? Looks like a t-shirt to me.

mei yi said...

yes. last one is a tshirt. :)

Shirokishi said...

I agree... the 1st one looks elegant yet sexy. Got touch of class :)

2nd one is a bit dark, I think the lighting not too good to see properly, but still good price.

3rd one looks cute yet comfy.

Pei said...

I luv the 1st one looks elegant..

mei yi said...

si bo... in real life quite ugly..

Vanity Fling said...

Then u didnt buy right..? or u buy eventhough it s kinda fugly..? :S

mei yi said...

mr vanity... u really think it's fugly now? how sad and pathetic my life would be..... to wear this on the streets and make myself look like a clown..

Shirokishi said...

clown is mr Ronald in the next post :)