Friday, August 22, 2008

Fuel Price Going Down Tomorrow

Just got to know about it today from thestar and bernama.
Does that mean we are expecting more cars today?
Seeing that there are more cars these few days, I think it would be even more crowded towards the end of the school holidays. Everyone would at least celebrates with the lowered fuel price as announced by the PM.

Well, I guess it's the Government's last-minute strategy in the efforts of winning the hearts of the rakyat for this coming by-election at Permatang Pauh.

Should we expect another rate TWO months later?
Wish me luck.

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Red Panda Rising said...

Yeesh... don't get me started on the government. I'll probably not stop until tomorrow >.<

Still, a drop is a drop, no matter how insignificant it is compared to the price hike. And for what. So blardy government can line their bleedin' pockets with more taxpayer money!