Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Should you send your parents to Old Folks Home?

I went for an internal training, Critical and Analytical Thinking the by an external trainer. He made a few statements that disturbed me. He said, "Sending your parents to an old folks home is a SINFUL ACT".

Is it really sinful?
Although he could relate a bad experience that happened, should he judge the rest of the people who sent their parents to the old folks home?

Ever he thought of his consequences of saying that, as a trainer?

I've thought about it myself, if I need to do the same to my parents in the near future. My mom once told me that she had a spinster friend who sold off all her properties and stayed in the old folks home. She is considered still a 'young' senior citizen then, that she could contribute in that home.

All in all, it's just people's perception towards this issue.
At least, we are finding ways to solve our family matters.
We are not ASKING money from our parents.
We are not TORTURING our parents.

Few points..
1. As a senior citizen, it's OK to continue contributing to the society by helping out in the old folks home.
2. We should be self-sufficient people. We should not depend on our children to take care of us when we grow old. As long as we have done our part raising them up to be CONTRIBUTORS in the society, that is GOOD enough. As long as we are satisfied with our 'results', this is what that COUNTS the most.
3. Old folks home is one of the solution in physical, mental, social and spiritual well being of our parents. At least, there are volunteers and workers dealing with our parents' health and helping us to keep our parents accompanied while we are 'away' at work or outstation.

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Shirokishi said...

There are some pretty nice people staying in the nursing homes, although I've noticed that over here we call them old folks home or nursing home.

Overseas, they're generally called Retirement Homes for Seniors and they're actually quite happening places. I heard in US, there's a retirement home where they have Nintendo Wii units :D