Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jazz at G-spot, G-Hotel

Fun night it was be...
The night started with just 'us' ...
and not long after that, the place is almost filled with crowd and I could hardly breathe!!

OK. That's a double bass - confirm!!!

Our drinks.. capioska, mojito breeze, pussy foot and pretty pink perfection!
And it's Thien singing!!! That's my reason there..
(I was little shy to move forward... would definitely do it the next time!!)

What a day this has been
What a rare mood Im in
Why, its almost like being in love

Theres a smile on my face
For the whole human race
Why, its almost like being in love

All the music of life seems to be
Like a bell that is ringing for me
And from the way that I feel
When that bell starts to peal
I would swear I was falling
I could swear I was falling
Its almost like being in love


Karen said...

She is very good lah. Wow...

She works there meh?

mei yi said...

no la..
just go there and sing ONE song only. ;)

yileen said...

Who's Thien? :P

mei yi said...

my ex colleague who is still of course, my friend... :D
video quality is bad bcoz i'm too 'shy' to walk forward. :(

Shirokishi said...

Look at all the pretty lights... wheeeee! She's got a good voice :) Next time come closer lah... cannot see the face :(