Friday, August 29, 2008

Tuk Tuk in Bangkok

i hope that's the right spelling!!
(not tut-tut huh?)
Anyway... the ones we saw in Hatyai is called "song-tiao" in Bangkok!!


Karen said...

ya.. tuk tuk. Funny name eh and cant imagine different naming system in different parts of Thailand. duh.. so confusing at times.

When ppl say tuk tuk, next time have to ask which tuk tuk you refering to? hehehe..

mei yi said...

if u stay with the locals, u will be able to understand.

Shirokishi said...

From this view, it looks like a box with windows attached to a motorbike :P

But in Bangkok, it's definitely one of the better ways to get around considering some of the traffic jams.

Julie said... spell it as "tut tut in hatyai" but "tuk tuk in bangkok"...???

Shirokishi said...

Tutti Frutti Ice cream!! Oh nevermind... just ignore me :P

Pei said...

U manage to sit on the 'song-tiao' to go around???

mei yi said...

sorry my dear friend. i think we had enough in hatyai..
i was too classy..
so i only sit taxis that cost me about RM30 per trip!