Monday, August 18, 2008

Kungfu Dunk

I'm not a fan of Jay Chow. Neither I'm a fan of basketball.
The best moment of the movie is not how they dunk, or how they kungfu, or how the whole place turned into ice, but it was the part where one of the Fireball boys got needle poked at the arm pit. :P


The Red Panda said...

I vaguely remember Jay Chow in Initial D and Kungfu Dunk. He's like an Asian Keanu Reeves... they both can't act >.<

Very limited or no expressions and unable to give depth to their characters, only good for action scenes.

mei yi said...

i cannot help but agree with u.
i find that the show is a bit weird le..

The Red Panda said...

It is weird...I only watch it 'cuz I had nothing better to do :P