Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hatyai City View

Tried taking sunrise from my hotel window.
Due to the mist on the window, I'm unable to capture anything.

During the Day
From Sky buffet, when the sun about to set..

Almost there..
And ta-da!


Karen said...

Didn't even know you went to Hatyai. Just thought that you weren't home on a Sunday when we went back. hehe..

Anything to buy there?

I never been to Hatyai, BKK yes.

mei yi said...

hatyai = buy food :)

Shirokishi said...

That looks like a tasty chicken :)
RM10 for 3? That's pretty good actually...

Josi3 said...

Nice photos.. wei. .ur camera is how many mpixel? haha..

U could use it as post card..

mei yi said...

aiyo friend. i tak tau la. i think 4MP. murah one. not the dSLR la.