Monday, November 26, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

It was months ago that I wanted to visit there.
I had a blog entry 6 months ago.

Finally, I managed to visit Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.
Thought my camera couldn't take the picture well, but at least, there are some pics for me to keep!

Laser show was at 9pm and there were a huge crowd and there are mainly locals.
I was just wondering, where are those foreigners???
Don't they wish to see our EYE??

Next time, I'm going to bring a a digital SLR there!


Dragon said...

one word.... blur.....

mei yi said...

My efforts going there is just in vain!

Karen said...

Why didn't take your bro's camera?
Not in vain lah, you capture the moments in your mind mah, the best camera in the world!

mei yi said...

his camera rosak liao ma.
some more so big!