Monday, November 26, 2007

Comfortable Stay @TuneHotel

Tune Hotel is located right opposite Maju Junction Mall - I like that because Esprit's factory outlet is there.
I did not manage to take a picture of the hotel as I was rushing to check-in at 2pm. :D
Anyway, the website's front page picture is equivalent good and it's really bright that it can't be missed!

THe place is filled with Mister Potato and Maggi ads. No wonder they can make $$.
Surviving on Ads!

As soon as we touch down, we took some pics of the room before it gets all messed up.
See the bottle of water!! it's Rm2.40 and I bought a lot of those cause there is no mini bar or a place to boil water.

Decos are mostly from Ikea.. and that shelf is the only place where we can put our belongings - watches, spectacles, wallets, bags.... etc. There is no other table or place for us. Not even shoe racks or cupboards. Just some hooks to hang our jeans beside the toilet.

The King Koil queen sized bed is enough for both of us and the blanket is cozy for our 5-hour prepaid credit air con.

Nice wall with the ONE and ONLY mirror for me to wear contacts, check on my hair, wash face.
No mirrors in the toilet.
What we need to do is to OPEN the door and turn our face to the right!

The door is just out there.
Check out the flooring.
It's just gray cement.
No shampoos, no soaps, no tissue papers... luckily there are toilet rolls by the toilet bowl.
No TV, No Radio - Only one socket for u to put on ur laptop and watch DVDs.
The cost is RM80 - Plus stay, admin fee, air con fee and tax.


Dragon said...

seems not bad wor.... u really chao lai chao ki la... go to so many places... so enjoy..

mei yi said...

and tiring ..
but definitely worth the adventure

Karen said...

I expect RM 9.99 lah.

But still looks new!