Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's thanksgiving and I think it's hardly celebrated among us in Malaysia.
I still remembered last year, i was at Vietnam, explaining to the Vietnamese the origins of thanksgiving day.

It all started with a ice breaker what they are thankful for. Most gave the general answers -> thank God, thank their parents ... and thank their friends.. and their close ones..

It was basically to give thanks to God for the harvest for the year.
And the next day, being Black Friday -> it's the start of Christmas season shopping!

Two years ago, I still remembered my ex colleague telling me that her hubby would be there waking up as early as 5am queuing up to get good buys!
and many many ppl are out there SHOPPING.. how envious!

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Karen said...

ya lor.. don't know whether we should celebrate or not also... we not farmers mah.