Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mizi at New World Park

According to my friends, this restaurant is opened by a chef who used to work with the Shangrila groups. Since the set is just RM16.90++ -> after Tax, it's about Rm19.50.
Let's give it a try!!!
And the greatest part is, the restaurant is located at New World Park
-> Ample Car park space
-> Lotsa area for you to walk about
-> cheap stuff for women -> I LOVE THE EARRINGS THERE!!!!!

First thing.. was the soup -> yeah. mushroom soup was great and it is their SPECIALTY with tonnes of bread for us!!

Here comes my lasagne..
Then chicken chop..
Then baked/grilled fish for the weight watcher friend. (haha)
And me.. with my LASAGNE - TA-DA!
aND.... wat i love best was.. UNLIMITED ICE CREAM.. -> but we can fill our little sundae cup ONCE.. and I had 4 scoops all over and it was melting... very very very quickly..

Kinda liked the mocha, chocolate and green tea!

After makan, relax and do some light exercise

With.... HAppy Saturday bands..

Sexy belly dancers.. -> Lolz......
I find the little girl in orange cute.... coz she forgot her dance steps

and she went "OOpss mummy!"

Thanks girls.. for the meetup. .let's do it more often. hehe. :D


Karen said...

Hey.. why your lasagne so putih one? Too bad didn't get to go Peppino last Sunday.

Karen said...

Why they let kids wear so sexy?

See lah, always get to enjoy food. Nice or not? You never say nice or not. Only say soup is nice. Before I go try, I think have to practice at home first on how to scoop maximum icecream in a small bowl. hehe..

mei yi said...

heheehe..... it's ok lar. quite full if u put a lot

Dragon said...

u really know how to eat... tiam tiam go eat hor liao...

btw, the pic that u took with your fren, look fat wor...... hahaha.

mei yi said...

si kooI! wa pui la. boh huat la!

mie said...

hi, luv ur blog & u're seriously good in food review. Perhaps, there is a hidden talent?? :) Been to Mizi & I do agree, the lasagne taste is awesome!!

BTW,do u hv gym rate in penang? I'm into cardio & workout stuff. If it's not too much trouble, you can mail me at