Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Worms everywhere

Few days ago.. my dream went like..

I had always wanted to have an aquarium for myself.
I fished a few out from my friend's aquarium.
Some are little peacock/colored fishes and there were many eel-like creature. In fact, it was flooding the container.

The nature of the eel-like fish:
1. Able to live in drains and black, dirty water
2. If you cut it into to, it will still live and multiply
3. Its prey are little fishes in the aquarium
4. To kill it, bury it with sand/soil

I wonder if this type of species exist in real life.


Karen said...

UNANGI .... yum yum!

mei yi said...

huh??? alamak..
it's living stuff ler

Karen said...