Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I was reading and surfing..
i wonder if the method really works!

How to Forget About Your Ex Tip #1: Move on. Go out to a nightclub or join a dating website to find someone new for yourself. You would not believe how quickly you can get over your ex when you have someone else there to fill there place. You never have to be alone, no matter what anyone says. So please, move on with your life and find someone else. Find someone better.

How to Forget About Your Ex Tip #2: Keep your friends close. If you were in a long term relationship and you do not feel like you can find someone new that quick, then try this. Keep your friends around you all the time. Your friends can be the ones help you more than anyone as they probably know about what happened during the relationship more than your siblings, parents, or other outsiders looking in. Make sure that you have that shoulder to cry on just in case you need it. Also, have a friend on speed dial that you can call at any time with a problem. They are your friends for a reason. They are here to help.

How to Forget About Your Ex Tip #3: Do something that you enjoy, but couldn't do when your ex was around. Ladies, go out to a day spa and pamper yourself. A mud bath and a massage by a Swedish body builder can be just the thing you need to forget about your ex. Men, go out to a football game or something. Maybe five hours of tailgating, yelling, eating bad food, high fiving and booing will do you some good.


Karen said...

Doesn't sound like good ideas to me. Don't think it will work in the long term. Short term maybe. Heart needs time to heal. Only God can heal the wound.

mei yi said...

of course God is the best source of healing and recuperation