Saturday, May 26, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

Since the official Opening of Eye on Malaysia in Jan/2007, I wished to visit it.

I may want to try since it's just RM15 for the Ferris wheel. For the experience, I guess.

Whenever I'm in a foreign country, I always wanted to try different things thinking that I would not be back there again.

I have yet to visit KL. The last time I was in KL was in Aug/2006. It was like 9 months ago.
I used to frequent KL very often. Probably 3 times a year. I was in KL 4 times last year ie Jan (wedding), Apr (interview at Standard Chartered building), July (KL-Genting Trip with Pam) and Aug (with my sis for pre-departure Orientation). That's about it!

This year, there is no reason for me to be there. Hopefully, I'd make it to my next Genting trip.
I love the air in Genting. SO cooling and refreshing.

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