Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The Yellow Wave - Coliation for clean and fair election

I've been reading some of it and it really do scares me!
*goose bumps*
I really don't know what would the government react now!

I was flipping thestar for a few days, yet, I don't see any coverage about this.
Probably it's something the local newspapers are not supposed to publish.

Thus, I see a lot from other blogs and photo sites and of course,!

I was always told that I'm in a country where it has its peace and free from natural disaster. Yet, now I see that there are a lot of, probably not-so-good side of my country. Many times, I've been ignoring all these political stuff that is happening around. I'm really not into it. In fact, I'd say; politics = courruptions.

SO now, I should be worrying more about my country, rather than my DESK JOB? Isn't it?

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