Saturday, November 10, 2007

Being a Smaller World

it's just so strange that, some blogs that I've came across actually were people whom I saw in i-bridge camp.

It's just so weird that the world is getting really smaller..

and these ppl are very young adults (early 20s), and the fact that I find that they are more intellectual than I do.

I notice the gap these days. The younger ones are smarter than the older ones. but.. there are some things that we could only learn through experience, thus, the saying that goes, "I eat salt more than you eat rice" still works.

A lot of times, i notice that many young people could not control their emotions really well, and are not acting what we should be acting.
As I grew older, I realised that, I could only learn through experiences - even reading a book doens't tell much, but an experience would relate the situation better!

Thus, keep on trying and striving for the best!

I'd say, I've gone far and learnt a lot.
-> though I still look early 20s.. :D


Karen said...

Who say you look like early 20s? Not 18 meh? hehehe ... =P

mei yi said...

hahaa. perhaps!