Monday, November 26, 2007

Asian Heritage Row

People go there for Loft or Mojo or bed or sunshine classic.
Me go there to a bake shop?

The name of the shop is so cute.... "BISOU".
In malay, bisu = dumb.

A patron was teasing the waitress that he was surprise that the waitress could talk, since the shop is BISU (dumb). HEheh.
I asked and it seems like in french, it means... "KISS"

Muacckssssss. i wanna KISS you too!!!

Chamomile Tea with white daisy and a candle holder.
And again, this shop resembles of Ikea.

ONe moment, i thought I'm in Ikea.

My DARK secret cup cake
The chocolate is very buttery taste and the sugar seems coarse.

Mushroom pie, so-so only.
The potato gravy seems to be just sweet and a little tasteless for my tounge.

Sweet vanilla/orange cupcake.
Hot Chocolate with mashmallows. Very creamy and rich!

And a little walk walk after a total chocolate indulgence.

I like the fountain and the arch and the seats with water.


Dragon said...

haiyo... u really make me hungry la..... so nice u can go so many places all the time and have such a nice food.

mei yi said...

the cost is just $$$$..
and it's affordable.. dont worry.
the cupcake cost RM5.25 nia

Karen said...

ya lah.. so ho mia, go here go there, eat here eat there.