Thursday, November 08, 2007

Deepavali Day

It's a day break for deepavali and we took the chance to hike up Penang Hill since Pei Sun has never been up before..
From Botanic gardens, we took the Mt Oliver steps all the way up to 48.

At 84 rest area..
no free makan or drinks also. :(

Hehaheah.. Candid shot..
On our way up to Penang hill, while reaching... we'd be able to see Grace Dieu Bungalow.
From then, it takes another 15 mins quick walk.

Pretty flowers outside the place.
I'm always fascinated with cold places where they have really 'unique' flowers than we have here.

HOORAY! It took me 2 hours to reach Penang Hill!

This is Penang Hill's Fear Factor.
I'm so pissed with him. I managed to take his pic, but he told another friend off that he should take himself with that yellow snake instead of from that guy.

It's like what for? You want to earn more $$ is it?
Dream on..
We took a break for the RM3 ice kacang and the rain was pouring...
We rushed to get tickets (RM3 for one way) for the next train and there we are.. at the train.

We need to switch trains in the middle and the sky was a little clearer.
I wanted to take the pic of the malaysia flag but nevermind..

Selamat, Tuhan Kurniakan,
Selamat, Pulau Pinang!

There we are.... heading for Little cottage for Set Lunch -> it's kinda cheap for RM9.90.
The dessert comes with little glasses of pudding which I think it's too little.

I decided to for Gurney Plaza 6th anniversarry sale and then..... LAKSA!!
i NEVER HEARD of this place opposite Penang Chinese Girls' High school

The laksa looked kinda authentic (with lotsa fishes in the soup)

Deep the fried popiah in the laksa.

Earlier on, I ordered a drink, but was amazed with the drink that most customers ordered.
It did resembled a little like the vietnamese coffee and to my surprise, it's just the normal Penang style Kopi-Peng.

Actually at Rest area 48, they had Kopi-O Kau as well.. and it did helped to give more energy for me to complete the hike in Penang Hill.

By the time we finished everything, it's already evening and the botanic gardens is filled with people again. Not forgetting my favourite roti aiskrim seller.


Dragon said...

wah....................... seems u ate a lot!!!!

mei yi said...

yes.. a lot ler.. !
macam mana. .gemuk d!

Karen said...

Wah.. so keng! Can hike for 2 hrs. I think me 1 minute hike also can not d.

Why you so much activities one? So nice.

mei yi said...

not much activities.. i think u had more, photo shooting, play birthday song. haha.