Monday, November 26, 2007

The Gardens - Finally!!

What is a blog without pictures of food?
I'm at dono what japanese restaurant and that's the cheapest and fastest lunch we could get.
Guess how much is this bowl of seafood rice?

ONLY RM15.90!

Then we have the tempura and the teriyaki chicken.

I like the toilet very much.
It's clean with cleaners in uniform. NOT ISS cleaners, but The gardens' cleaners. Lolz.
Nice mirror!

Woiii.. Don't simply!!
She mistaken that for the urinate bowl.

AND... we went to robinson and met Mr santa claus.
I asked for a sweet. He gave me Peppermint toffee sweet. Yummy!

Look at the flooring! So shiny black... Like a mirror.

Yes.. suitable for Mr Humsups for peeps!
You can see whatever that is beneath a lady's skirt.

And sadly, we tried to reach for rooftop gardens, but it's not DONE Yet!
I will be BACK!!
yES... .and KIll YOU!! smash your head into pieces!
(A statue at a taiwanese restaurant)


Dragon said...

wah.... so cheap? 15.90? looks so yummy wor... early early morning let me see this kind of yummy food. i like japanese food also!

mei yi said...

hehehe.... it's really nice... :P
next time u can give it a try

Karen said...

Yeah.. really looks yummy. Salmon with white lines of fat! I want to try also. Mei Yi belanja issit? =P

The floor really so shiny leh.

You really so ho mia.

Dragon said...

hahaha, we go together and ask mei yi to treat. hooray....

Karen said...

haha... yaya.. Mei Yi treat us.

mei yi said...

lolz :D