Monday, November 26, 2007

Frenzy Shopping

With just a ticket.. I can go anywhere around town!
My first shopping mall was Sogo as soon as I stopped at Bandaraya LRT!

After checking-in .. .we took the monorail to Imbi Station.
And there we go... the place where I threw my shoes and got new shoes.

Berjaya Times Square

Cosmos Roller Coaster
I like the pillars - very grand - just like Takashimaya in Singapore.

And after going round and round...



Since there is time constraint, we took a quick bite of pasta in Pastamania.
Spicy Pasta!
I will never ever order Spicy pasta anymore from this place!

Linguine and Spiral and garlic bread and tomato soup and lime/orange juice!


Dragon said...

wah..... sai mm sai one day posted so many ar? pok meng ar?

mei yi said...

hahaha. yeah. tomolo lazy to post d!

Karen said...