Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Weight Loss Program

It's a quarterly thing, where we provide our measurements to the nurse.
I'm glad that it's much lower compared to 2 quarters ago.

Body fat % trend:
2 years ago: 31%
07Q1: 28%
07Q2: 29%
07Q3: 26% (queensbay)
07Q4: 25% -> 22% (today!)



Anonymous said...

fei mui

Karen said...

wah.. good on you. What's your secret on losing fat? I need to lose also ... hehe.

Anonymous said...

sleepless night from relationship problem sure can lose weight

Karen said...

can meh?

Dragon said...

happy lo.... sure u happy..

mei yi said...

karen.. u r too thin to lose fat.
perhaps ur body fat % is less.

dragon.. yes!! i bump into leah at fridays today and she commented about it the first thing she saw me

Karen said...

haha... why lah people keep saying I am too thin. Just that you can't see lah... those fat. My skinny hands always tricked people in thinking that i am thin.

mei yi said...

not just your hands ok!!
it's your whole body!