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Just sometime back in Bagan

I've visited 32 Mansion, 68 Kelawai -> and now 68 Brasil, Beach Blanket Babylon and the latest visit is Bagan.!
All of their restaurants from the same group I've visited!
Lolz.. how greedy I am.!

Starter was bruchettas, but I've eaten all b4 i took a pic of that dish..
It was mushroom/cheese on top of the french baguette.

And soup of the day -> i think it was mushroom soup.

And me waiting patiently for the next course to come! My two pieces of seabass.. lying on top of the mashed potatoes and mixed vege spread with some kinda hollaindaise-like sauce.
i personally think fishes are not worth eating -> perhaps I should take chicken or steak which are harder to prepare.

And now, the belgian truffle -> it's really filled with chocolate and I think it's just too much for someone who is on a weight-loss program/diet.
Well.. i'm so blushed with their in-house red wine.
Note: It's 50% if we are there before 8pm.

Beach blanket babylon's 50% is before 9pm.
It's been a while since I last had proper dining, the last was perhaps 68 Brasil.

I really hate it, when the waiters start to introduce their specialties. It's terrible. I had to pretend $$ is not an issue. Not only that, I'm so sure that if we don't behave well, we better don't eat in their restaurants because they are talking about table manners/etiquttes, which of course, I don't have. Perhaps, I should start reading more about it, and getting myself prepared as I get older, I don't want to look a fool.

Perhaps, I still prefer fast food chain or casual restaurants where I don't have to act 'classy'.
Fine... Cheapo - you can call me that!


Karen said…
Wah .. so syiok lah... you have been to so many nice places to eat.

Hmmm ... looks like a table for two ;) Fine dining and somehow I feel a romantic setting ... kekeke...
mei yi said…
i don't find it romantic. :(
i find it 'stressful'
Dragon said…
for me sure cham... i talk so loud..hahaha...
mei yi said…
then u better don't go.. else very 'sia sui' one.
go mamak or fast food chain better..

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