Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Invading Other's Privacy

Is it wrong to read other bloggers' blogs?
say... is it wrong to read or or even

Or.. perhaps, reading a less-famous-blogger from don't know well who can't even type proper english?
Am I consider a psychopath stalker if I'd to keep track on what they do?

Perhaps, that's why most friends don't blog. It would indeed be funny when strangers knowing you where you went and what you did.
Even if they do, it would be a private blog.
But, if it's a private blog, why not write your journal in Ms Word with password protect?


dragon said...

now everyone is talking abt blogging mar.... so everyone mar blog here and blog there lo....

mei yi said...

si bo..
blogging has been an 'in' thing since 2001.. (i think)