Friday, September 21, 2007

Max Restaurant

Was in queensbay last weekend, and i thought it'd be really boring to eat around the restaurants as i've tried almost ALL the places -> really all... so thought of walking out of the mall and try the shops outside and we bumped into this restaurant selling chinese food, especially dimsums.

We had the noodles for Rm3.80, Rm1 for the Lok Poh tea, siu mai Rm1.60 and century egg porridge for RM2.20..
Kinda ok .. :)

Flash was too bright that i looked a little weird... and focus was on the wrong part... :(


Karen said...

hehe... first time i see you with earrings, what more .. dangling earrings.. you go girl!

mei yi said...

i alwiz wear those studded earrings all the time mah
actually dangling earrings dont' suit me..

but try2